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PTCarPhone 6

PMRExpo 2019: pei tel presents LTE solutions for government agencies

pei tel Communications GmbH, based in the city of Teltow, near Berlin, presents the PTCarPhone 6 series, the next stage in the evolution of professional car phones. All models are compatible with the fast 4G mobile radio standard, enable voice over LTE (VoLTE) calls, and can also be used as wireless Internet access points (hotspots) for other devices. A special version for use in authorities' vehicles also includes important accessory components and comes with software designed for these users' specific needs. Alongside the new PTCarPhone 6 series, pei tel is also unveiling the PTCovert 4G, an innovative wearable LTE communication device for server-based group communication during undercover work. pei tel Communications GmbH will be presenting these and other solutions for government agencies at booth F03 at PMRExpo 2019, to be held in Cologne November 26–28.

"With the new PTCarPhone 6 series, we are combining the advantages of a built-in phone with the speed of LTE. This makes these devices perfect for anyone who values excellent acoustics, low risk of theft or loss, and the best possible data transmission rates," says Stefan Hübner, Product Manager at pei tel. Each time a new connection is made, dialing initially takes place automatically via VoLTE. If this is not possible, the system independently shifts to 3G or 2G. Beyond that, all devices in the PTCarPhone 6 series now feature a GPS position location function for the first time, which can be used to determine a vehicle's position. The "Bridge" Web portal makes it possible to track all systems installed in a fleet live and display them in handy map format. This application also allows for convenient phone book administration and remote management of various device settings. Bridge is completely free of charge. It will be available to all users of the PTCarPhone 5 and 6 series starting in late 2019.

A special version for use in authorities' vehicles also features software designed for these users' specific needs, offering options such as the ability to have various participants dial in to a conference call. As one very special feature, the system automatically redials if the call is interrupted. There is no need to re-enter a number. That is true of both the dial-in number itself and any identification numbers that may exist. A special PTT function also makes it possible to use the communication process familiar to users from radio devices, with voice transmission taking place only while a separate button is pressed.

For cases when the user has to leave the vehicle, pei tel will soon also be offering a wearable LTE communication device for server-based group communication. The PTCovert 4G, which is about the size of a smartphone, can be carried discreetly and operated covertly and easily using just five buttons. It has an individually configurable phone book and can be operated either using a standard commercially available smartphone headset or wirelessly, via Bluetooth. A powerful battery enables 24-hour operation. Visitors to the PMRExpo event are welcome to stop by pei tel's booth and form their own impressions of the PTCarPhone 6 series and PTCovert 4G. At the fair, the company will also be showcasing many other products that are suitable for use by government agencies from its broad range of communication solutions.


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