Wireless Data Transmission

GSM Products and Technology

In 2002 peiker developed fixed installed premium car phones on a GSM basis and produced the first GSM-Phone for Blaupunkt that was completely controlled via the CAN-Bus in vehicles and field in Europe and the market in the US of A. Down to the present day the entire peiker group of companies including pei tel is using consequently GSM-technologies for the realization of concepts and ideas.
A good example for that would be the PTCarPhone.

Wireless Data Transmission - GPRS/2G, UTMS/3G, LTE/4G

Complementary to the GSM-technology various pei tel products have the opportunity to transfer data via the several networks, like GPRS (2G), UMTS (3G) and LTE (4G). This kind of data communication is neary provided worldwide and offers an ideal base for a safe and secure transfer of various data.