Interfaces & 1-wire


Our PMR products are continiously evolving and being integrated with the latest technologies so classical devices and solutions blend well with the updated solutions.

One example of this is our use of USB connections. The USB interface has made connecting peripherals to a computer much easier since its introduction in 1996. This was a key reason for us to integrate a USB interface into our desktop systems while many users are starting to use computer-based software radio consoles.

It is not possible to imagine the technologies and interfaces I2C, I2S, SPI, RS232, RS485 and S/PDIF without the today's audio and data transfer techniques. Therefore these interfaces have found and will continue to find their way into the diverse pei tel products and solutions.

1-wire technology

The 1-wire technology is a communications interface with only one physical cable strand. The data can be sent in two directions -  transmitting and receiving direction without the need for constant power or signaling lines. The result is a significant saving of space for complex product solutions. This technology is also in use by pei tel for new developments.