The professional Car Phone with first-class hands-free system and exclusive features

  • Aftermarket-ready car phone for all vehicles
  • Fixed installation - no risk of theft
  • Removable handset
  • Possibility to connect a second handset
  • Antenna connection delivers perfect reception quality
  • No radiation in the vehicle
  • Large phone book memory for up to 5.000 contacts
  • Automatic radio muting
  • Adaptable operating modes (restrictions)
  • Outstanding voice and sound quality
  • Echo and noise cancellation
  • Virtual ignition
  • 6 digital inputs and outputs
  • Data transmission via GPRS, EDGE, UMTS or HSPA+
  • Send and receive SMS messages
  • Integrated GPS module (PTCarPhone 530)
  • Free software updates (Over-the-Air) 

The Car Phone for Professionals

The PTCarPhone system is the perfect choice to equip a  vehicle with a hands-free system satisfying the highest standards. All radiation is banned from the vehicle‘s interior thanks to the external antenna connection, which also guarantees excellent reception.
The hands-free system‘s voice quality and ease of use is unrivalled, especially for long lasting phone calls. It is the ideal companion in the car. That‘s why the PTCarPhone system is superior to all Bluetooth® solutions. 

Reliable and of Premium Quality

Due to effective cancellation of echoes, ambient and background noise, the PTCarPhone is perfectly suitable for noisy driver cabins, which makes it the ideal choice for logistics vehicle fleets, taxi services, bus and car rental companies as well as public authorities and emergency and rescue services. The well-proven Clear Voice & Sound Technology allows a much more natural and clear voice transmission.

Second Handset

The second handset is the perfect accessory for vehicles with separate passenger cabin, like for example limousine services or ambulances. Especially in the emergency sector, it is crucial to communicate life-saving information clearly and articulated to the operation centre and to be contactable at any time.

  • Two handsets easy linked up to one system via Plug & Play
  • Forwarding calls between the two handsets
  • Sending and receiving SMS messages
  • Brightness and call volume separately adjustable
  • Intercom function between the two handsets

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