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School classes visit pei tel to learn about career opportunities

Getting a first look at the working world: The two fifth grade classes from Auf dem Seeberg elementary school, in the town of Kleinmachnow, near Berlin, visited pei tel Communications GmbH in the neighboring city of Teltow on June 6. The students learned about various activities on a tour of the facility offered by the company, which develops and manufactures high-quality communication solutions and radio accessories. The visit was organized in cooperation with the Teltow Industrial Museum. The goal was to cultivate interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects and careers in these fields.

“For many of the kids, it was the first time they had such close contact with working life. That means the impressions they gained in the process were even more valuable,” says Annekatrin Krämer, who teaches class 5A at Auf dem Seeberg elementary school. After a brief introduction, the classes were taken on a tour of the various areas of the company. The tour started with sales, which at pei tel has a pronounced international focus, since the company earns about half of its sales in countries other than Germany. The group then moved on to production, where the students got to see the entire process from development to manufacturing of a device. The final stop was the logistics department, where all incoming and outgoing goods are coordinated.

During the tour, the kids had various opportunities to try things out hands on, even performing individual work steps themselves. They performed experiments focusing on static electricity in the production department, for example, and printed shipping labels in the logistics department. Christian Martin, who is responsible for PR at pei tel, thought these practical elements were highly important: “We didn’t want to just passively communicate information to the kids. Instead, the idea was to give them a chance to actively get to know our day-to-day work at the company at appropriate points,” he explains.

Inge Retzke, who went along on the tour to represent the Teltow Industrial Museum, was delighted at the interest shown by the students. “Germany is facing a lack of future skilled workers in science and engineering. It’s nice to see a successful push to get young people excited about technology,” she says. The visit by the fifth grade classes is part of a long-term cooperative initiative between the Teltow Industrial Museum and pei tel that was launched in 2017. In addition to joint informational events and plant tours, the initiative also involves pei tel providing exhibits and internships and apprenticeship positions.


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