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pei tel starts the trade fair season with a bang

Sought-after communication solutions: pei tel Communications GmbH, based in the city of Teltow, near Berlin, is presenting its broad product portfolio at eight international trade fairs this year. Now, with the first four events – RAIL Live! in Bilbao, the International Wireless Communications Expo in Las Vegas, Critical Communications Europe in Coventry, and the SIFER railway fair in Lille – behind it, the company is taking stock and drawing positive conclusions. The professional car phones in the PTCarPhone series, the PTVoiceBox connectivity module, and various types of microphones and handsets have generated particular interest among industry insiders at the events.

“Since the first four fairs of the year were all held the same month, there was a lot of organizational and logistical work involved. That means we’re even happier to see how well our talks went, and the positive responses we got to the products we exhibited,” says Holger Klaus, head of sales at pei tel. The focus of the attention at the International Wireless Communications Expo, held in Las Vegas on March 6 and 7, and the Critical Communications Europe event, which was held in Coventry March 12 and 13, was on the professional car phones in the PTCarPhone series, which are unique in the world for their permanent installation and expanded telematics features, and the PTVoiceBox aftermarket solution, which enables features like full integration of voice telephony into an existing system like an onboard computer. At the two rail fairs – RAIL Live!, held in Bilbao from March 5 to 7, and SIFER, which was held in Lille March 26–28 – interest focused on the various microphone types and most especially on handsets, such as the fully overhauled HA57 EVO, which features a PTT button, keypad, enlarged graphics-capable color display, and internal memory for a customer-programmed application.

Still, even with the first four fairs behind him, pei tel sales manager Holger Klaus has no time to sit back and relax: “We're already looking ahead. After all, we have four more events coming up in the second half of the year,” he explains. pei tel will be appearing at the booth run by partner company peiker International, Inc. at the APCO communication fair in Baltimore from August 11 to 14, and the company will be represented at inter airport Europe, to be held in Munich October 8–11, where it will appear jointly with FTI Engineering Network GmbH at booth 1200 in hall B5. After that, visitors to Busworld Europe 2019, to be held in Brussels from October 18 through 23, can also check out the company’s broad product portfolio at booth 304A in hall 3, and attendees at the PMRExpo event, to be held in Cologne November 26 to 28, can do the same at booth F03. “No matter what the field of application, we offer the right communication solution for a wide range of different requirements, and we cordially invite all visitors to come and talk to us,” Klaus says.


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