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Newsletter July 2018 - New Product Specification Sheets on our Website

We have updated product specification sheets for PMR products on our website. Current versions can be downloaded at any time on


The Innovation

The product specification sheets are now generated directly from the website data as a PDF file each time they are downloaded and provided with a time stamp. Changes on the product pages of the website are thus immediately made available in the form of a product specification sheet.

In the course of this, the technical specifications will be presented more clearly on the website. This makes it possible to use the search function of the website to search for individual technical data and product specifications of each PMR product.

Just try it:

To do this, select any product from our PMR portfolio and click on one of the links "Product Specification Sheet" displayed in the "Downloads" box on the right. Now you can see the creation time of the document in the lower right corner of the PDF file.