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Newsletter August 2018 - New Antimicrobial Powder Coating

In the future, all products that have a black metal housing, will get a new powder coating. This affects all devices whose article number ends with -05 (for example, various TM168, DD112, TM210, TM310, ME510, TM880, etc.).

Features at a glance

The new coating offers first-class and unprecedented features:

  • Antimicrobial - Protects against bacteria, resistant to germs, viruses and fungi (more than 2 years effectiveness)
  • Resistant to hand sweat (butyric acid-resistant) according to DIN 53160-2 (tested by an independent laboratory)
  • More scratch-resistant than the previous coating

Comparison: Old vs New

Visually, the new powder coating differs only slightly. In contrast to the previous, matte finish, it has a slightly glossier appearance. You can see this small visual difference in the pictures.

When will products be delivered with the new coating?

The transition of some products has already begun. In the coming weeks and months, the previous black powder coating will be successively replaced by the new coating.

For further information and to find out when your specific product will be delivered with the new coating, please contact your individual contact at pei tel or our sales department (Phone: +49 3328 - 3516 800, E-Mail: quoting the corresponding article number.



Comparison: Old vs New