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Newsletter #8/2017 - LHM3060 - New Charging Car Mount for Portable Radios of the Motorola MTP3000 and MTP6000 Series

After the LHM850, this year we are bringing again a new charging car mount for portable radios of the Motorola MTP3000 and MTP6000 series.

The new LHM3060 comes with the proven LED light design of the predecessor model. White light helps to find the charging mount in the dark, orange marks the charging process and green signals the complete charging of the radio.

With an operating voltage range of 10 to 32 V, the new LHM3060 charging car mount can be installed in various emergency cars and special vehicles. The charge process is controlled by the radio itself, so the battery life is not affected.

  • Wide operating voltage range
  • Refined latching and holding mechanism
  • Long lasting contacts
  • Robust, impact resistant plastic housing
  • Proven LED lighting design
  • Charging process is controlled by the radio itself

Article number: 6507-009-101-51

Click here for more information on the LHM3060.