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Newsletter #6/2017 - Gooseneck Microphones: First class and high quality communication

The range of our gooseneck microphones includes devices for mobile and stationary applications. In addition to lightweight, elegant microphones for conference rooms, speaker consoles and control centers, our portfolio also includes robust microphones with metal housings, which are ideally suited for use in buses, trains and other vehicles.

The robust versions of our gooseneck microphones are modular and can be customized by the customer.

For further information and individual advice, to find the right gooseneck microphone for your application, our sales team is available for you.

You can reach us by phone at +49 3328 - 3516 800 or by e-mail


Microphone Heads

Microphone heads are available in dynamic or electret variants, as directional microphones (kidneys) or with directional characteristics, with or without amplifiers, silver-colored or in black as well as with and without PTT button or sliding switch. Some models are protected against splashing water and are dust-proof - marked with an IP code (International Protection Marking).



The quality of the gooseneck makes its flexibility and its ability to persist in certain positions. With silver and black, the color selection of the goosenecks resembles the microphone heads. We offer our goosenecks with three different diameters (Ø) 11 mm, 15 mm and 18 mm and lengths from 150 mm to 540 mm. Some gooseneck microphones are complete, including goosenecks, wrapped with shrink tubing to defy environmental influences.


Holders & Accessories

Gooseneck microphones can be mounted and used upright as well as downwards or sideways. We also have corresponding angle mounts and base plates for horizontal or vertical installation in our portfolio.

As an accessory, we also offer windscreens (foam covers for microphone heads) and a structure-borne sound absorber (GMV). The structure-borne sound absorber is mounted between the microphone head and the gooseneck.