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Newsletter #4/2017 - The New PMR Product Catalogue is available!

The new pei tel product catalogue offers you and your company many options for fitting your communications equipment with high-quality PMR accessories. We offer high-quality microphones of various types, loudspeakers, handsets, remote speaker microphones, desktop microphones as well as PTT buttons and corresponding accessories for almost every application. New product categories, such as charging cradles for handheld radio devices, can also be found in our new catalogue.

The product catalogue appears in a completely new look and feel. Due to its compactness, it is not only an excerpt of our PMR product portfolio, it is also a kind of reference book which is always easy to handle.

We offer the new catalogue as a printed version and as a download version on our website.

As already mentioned, this catalogue contains only a small selection of our entire product portfolio. If the product that you are looking for is not listed in our catalogue, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone on +49 3328 - 3516 800 or via e-mail to - we will be pleased to help you.