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Newsletter #3/2017 - Stories from the everyday life of a PTCarPhone

Dear readers,

Today we would like to introduce you to a few scenarios in which the PTCarPhone can play a special role.


Crystal-clear communication despite high speeds

You are racing on the highway making 125 mph. The PTCarPhone rings. With one keypress, you answer the call. The radio goes mute automatically; you are talking over the hands-free system. Despite of the road noises of the wheels, your caller's voice is crystal clear and you understand him very well. Likewise, you as well are understood perfectly on the other end of the line.


Best reception quality - also in the middle of the forest

You are a forestry worker. Right now you are in a forest, your chainsaw in both hands, removing branches from a trunk. Suddenly, with peripheral view, you perceive the flashing of the rotating beacon on your forestry machine. Your boss is calling. You walk to the machine and with an elegant move take the headset from the cradle. "Hi boss, how are things?"


Perfectly connected thanks to the second handset

You are sitting in the lounge of a caravan stirring in a cup of tea. In the driver's cabin, your husband is happily chatting on the phone. You are wondering, to whom he is talking to and why he appears to be so happy. Suddenly the second handset rings and you are asked to take over the call. It's your daughter, reporting her latest mishaps to you. Now you are the one laughing.


Would you like to share your PTCarPhone stories with us or would you like to learn about possible roles of the PTCarPhone in your story?

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