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Newsletter #2/2017 - Hand Microphones - The Classics of our Product Range

Hand microphones are the "classics" in the pei tel product range. There is a suitable microphone for every application. Our hand microphones are equipped with one to three buttons or with potentiometers. The robust metal housing, durable spiral cable and robust buttons allow an extremely long product life time. A part of the range is even waterproof according to IP6K7. These devices are perfect for outdoor use.

The purpose of the buttons depends on the application. For example, a button can be used as a push-to-talk button for the radio and two additional buttons can trigger the opening and closing of the doors of a vehicle.

Our wide product range includes both dynamic and electret hand microphones, with omnidirectional or unidirectional directivity. Microphone preamplifiers are also available as an option. We have a solution for your project as well.


Features of our Range

  • One to three buttons; also with potentiometer
  • Extremely long-lasting switching contacts
  • Robust metal housing and durable spiral cable
  • Optional keys with touch protection (against accidental pressing)
  • Optional waterproof (IP6K7) version
  • Optional with microphone preamplifiers
  • Dynamic or electret hand microphones
  • Omnidirectional or unidirectional directivity

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Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone on +49 3328 - 3516 800 for questions about our hand microphones or other products from our portfolio. We also would be happy to answer your request by e-mail. Just send your request to