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Newsletter #1/2016 - New Vehicle Charging Cradle for Motorola MTP850 S and MTP850 FuG

With its wide operating voltage range of 10 V to 32 V (DC), the LHM850 is ideally suited for operation in about every type of vehicle. Elaborate guide, latching, and holding mechanisms ensure proper hold of the radio device, even in rough operation areas. Additionally, the solid housing made from impact resistant plastic and with gold-plated pins renders the LHM850 extremely robust and durable.

Charging control is done by the radio device, therefore the battery lifetime is not affected. Three unique strip lights show the status of the charging process. Additionally, there is a separate input for switching the strip lights on, which are located on the left and right side and on the front of the charging cradle. This search lighting facilitates locating the cradle even in a dark vehicle interior.

Motorola MTP850 S and MTP850 FuG type radio devices fit into the cradle regardless, whether they have a large, a small or even no holding clip. The key pad, buttons on the side of the device and the accessory connection port are also accessible when the device is placed in the cradle.

  • Very robust due to impact resistant plastic housing
  • Ensures proper hold of the radio device
  • Three LED strip lights showing the charging status
  • Search lightening when cradle is empty
  • Charging control is still done by the radio device
  • Wide operating voltage range: from 10 V to 32 V

Article number: 6507-006-101-51

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