Newsletter #8/2015 - The new PTCarPhone 5 Series - now live at the IAA

With the start of the IAA in Frankfurt, the sale of the new PTCarPhone 5 Series is starting, too.The new series consists of three models and features a completely redesigned handset with 2.4 inch color display and comfortable... read more


Newsletter #7/2015 - Visit Us at Several Exhibitions

This year again we take part in several exhibitions. After our participation at the Critical Communications World in May in Barcelona, the second half of the year has additional interesting exhibitions coming up in Germany and... read more


Newsletter 06/2015 - Hands-free Microphones for Various Applications

In addition to the most common types of microphones, like hand microphones, gooseneck microphones, and remote speaker microphones, we also offer various types of hands-free microphones. These are used in hands-free systems for... read more


Newsletter 05/2015 - New Gooseneck Microphone for Buses

Our portfolio contains a wide range of microphones, handsets and loudspeakers, especially adjusted for deployment in buses and large vehicles. To expand our current portfolio, we developed a gooseneck microphone for the driver's... read more


Newsletter 04/2015 - The HA5 - Now available at a special price

As succeeding product of the HA8, the handset HA5 was especially designed for radios devices. Areas of applications are control rooms, headquarters or any kind of vehicles equipped with radio devices. The main features of the... read more


Newsletter 03/2015 - The Ideal Software to Support Fleet Management

The Phonemanager 3 software saves time and guarantees save operation and usage. A database based Windows® application which manages and assigns phone and device settings, operation modes and contacts for one or more PTCarPhone... read more


Newsletter 02/2015 - CEECOACH™: The communication system, that networks even without a network

With the new CEECOACH™ from FOURCEE™, 2 to 6 participants can communicate over a distance of up to 500 meters without a smartphone or mobile phone network using modern Bluetooth® technology. Whether you are riding, mountain... read more