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Newsletter August 2018 - New Antimicrobial Powder Coating

In the future, all products that have a black metal housing, will get a new powder coating. This affects all devices whose article number ends with -05 (for example, various TM168, DD112, TM210, TM310, ME510, TM880,... read more


Newsletter July 2018 - New Product Specification Sheets on our Website

We have updated product specification sheets for PMR products on our website. Current versions can be downloaded at any time on The Innovation The product specification... read more


Newsletter #2/2018 - On Our Own Behalf: New Newsletter System

Due to the commencement of the European General Data Protection Regulation on May 25, 2018, we are switching to a new newsletter system and clean up a few dusty bits and bytes. Unfortunately, not all data can be transferred to... read more


Newsletter #1/2018 - Stock Clearing - Charging Car Mount for Motorola MTP850 FuG & MTP850 S at a Special Price

Stock clearance sale at pei tel to make space for the new charging car mount LHM3060. We offer you the model LHM850 for a special price of € 65.00 net (instead of € 154.79). The minimum order quantity is 20 units. While stocks... read more


Newsletter #8/2017 - LHM3060 - New Charging Car Mount for Portable Radios of the Motorola MTP3000 and MTP6000 Series

After the LHM850, this year we are bringing again a new charging car mount for portable radios of the Motorola MTP3000 and MTP6000 series. The new LHM3060 comes with the proven LED light design of the predecessor model. White... read more


Newsletter #7/2017 - PTCarPhone Product Video

Today we present you our new PTCarPhone product video. The short movie introduces charmingly the extensive features and application scenarios of the current PTCarPhone generation, following the slogan "A picture is worth a... read more


Newsletter #6/2017 - Gooseneck Microphones: First class and high quality communication

The range of our gooseneck microphones includes devices for mobile and stationary applications. In addition to lightweight, elegant microphones for conference rooms, speaker consoles and control centers, our portfolio also... read more


Newsletter #5/2017 - - The Intelligent Web Portal

The new web platform offers the convenient, central administration of individual devices, groups or entire fleets of devices of the PTCarPhone 5 Series. For this purpose, only an internet-capable device,... read more


Newsletter #4/2017 - The New PMR Product Catalogue is available!

The new pei tel product catalogue offers you and your company many options for fitting your communications equipment with high-quality PMR accessories. We offer high-quality microphones of various types, loudspeakers, handsets,... read more


Newsletter #3/2017 - Stories from the everyday life of a PTCarPhone

Dear readers, Today we would like to introduce you to a few scenarios in which the PTCarPhone can play a special role. Crystal-clear communication despite high speeds You are racing on the highway making 125 mph. The... read more


Newsletter #2/2017 - Hand Microphones - The Classics of our Product Range

Hand microphones are the "classics" in the pei tel product range. There is a suitable microphone for every application. Our hand microphones are equipped with one to three buttons or with potentiometers. The robust... read more


Newsletter #1/2017 - CEECOACH XTREME Edition - Now Available!

CEECOACH XTREME Edition, the water-proof and and even more robust version of CEECOACH is now also available at pei tel. CEECOACH, the independent Bluetooth® communication system for groups with up to six participants and a... read more